Sameday marriage abroad

Great news! Foreigners can get married abroad in a matter of hours!

In our politically unstable times, more and more people go abroad, fall in love and want to get married. But, unfortunately, many countries prevent marriage with foreigners or do not allow relocants to marry on their territory. Fortunately, there are several countries where citizens of any country can register a marriage. The simplest procedure for getting married exists in Georgia – couples come here from all over the world, from other ends of the earth. For example, we constantly help couples from the USA, Australia, European countries and the UK, the Philippines, UAE, India, Russia, Belarus, Ukraine… the list goes on and on. There is only one meaning – citizens of any country in the world can get married in Georgia without a residence permit or registration, just by arriving once for 1-2 days.

Georgia provides a unique opportunity for couples to formalize their relationship on its territory in a matter of hours with a minimum package of documents.



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*We don't provide a wife, we just help to marry you legally with your fiancée in Georgia country, not state of USA.
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How to get married abroad in one day?



We review your situation and find out all the details: citizenship, divorces, for which countries you will need a marriage certificate. This determines what stamps will need to be affixed to the document. We tell you what documents you will need (essentially just passports). We send an Offer with a description of services and cost (Estimate)



If you are satisfied with everything and liked the conversation with us, you buy tickets, to reserve the date and translate your passports into Georgian, send an advance payment of $100 or 30% if there are wedding services. Send your passports (which you will use to enter Georgia) and fill out the bride and groom’s form.


Marriage Registration in Georgia country

On the agreed day, meet at the House of Justice with the coordinator and submit an application. A few hours later you receive an SMS indicating that your documents are ready. We meet and sign ✨ When ordering a wedding ceremony or an on-site registrar, you sign on the appointed day. You receive a marriage certificate in Georgian.


Stamps Apostille/Legalization/Translations

Our coordinator takes the marriage certificate and deals with all the necessary paperwork - translations/apostilles/legalizations. After a few days, according to the agreement, you receive ready-made documents for recognition in your countries.


Marriage recognition in your countries

According to the laws and procedures of your countries, you present your marriage certificate in your countries. If required, additionally translate the marriage certificate from English into the language of your country.

How it could look like?

No ceremony

from $450

Marriage registration is possible on weekdays from Monday to Friday. You simply sign documents at the specialist’s desk in the general hall of the Georgian House of Justice. No exchange of rings and solemn speech.

Government Ceremony

from $520

Marriage registration takes place in a separate hall (registry office) with music and a solemn speech in Georgian, we translate into Russian or English. You are treated to champagne and you can dance.

Offsite ceremony

from $1500

We select a beautiful location with you and call the state registrar, a professional host, and decorate the ceremony site beautifully with fresh flowers.

Required documents to marry abroad in Georgia country


Travel Passports

Passports with which you will enter Georgia. If desired, two citizenships can be indicated on the marriage certificate.


Birth certificate of joint children

If applicable in your case and children are under 18 years of age.


Last divorce certificate

If applicable in your case.

Where to marry abroad fast?

Marriage in Batumi town

from $450

Marriage in Tbilisi

from $450

Marriage in Kutaisi

from $450


We’ll offer places and Calculate the cost of registering a marriage in Georgia depending on your case

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Civil Legal Ceremony
Ceremony includes - separate hall, exchanging rings, music, government representative with Georgian speech (planner will translate), bottle of champagne. You'll need min. 1 day for application and 2d day for Marriage.
First Marriage for you?
If it's not first marriage, we'll translate your divorce certificate into Georgian language
Apostille stamp with English translation
For countries who are Member of Apostille Convention 1961: Europe, Israel, India, Philippines, USA, Saudi Arabia and other
Embassy Legalization Stamp
Must have for UAE and Qatar
Legalization Stamp with English translation
For UAE, Qatar, Egypt, Lebanon and other countries who are NOT member of Apostille Convention
Make your day special 🤍
Price: $390.00
Personal coordinator, who help you with all process for legal marriage on the place, planning, all bookings, translations of passports, 2 witnesses if you'll be only two in Georgia. Marriage applying and registration are included.
Price: $0.00
City for marriage in Georgia