Регистрация брака в Батуми


Legal registration of marriage in Georgia is an ideal solution for couples who want to formalize their relationship legally abroad. Perhaps you have left your countries or you are an international couple and it is difficult to get married in your countries. They require tons of documents! No worry. Georgia is a solution.
The process of getting married in Georgia for foreigners is the easiest in the world, which saves you from the bureaucracy and the collection of many documents. You can register a marriage in 1-2 days in one visit to Georgia. Residence permit of Georgia and registration are not needed. It is enough to legally come to Georgia on the passport with which you plan to marry.
To register a marriage, you will need: a desire to marry, foreign passports and a certificate of divorce, if you were previously married. Also a birth certificate of a common minor child if you already have children. A certificate of marital status is not required.

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