How to get married abroad fast? TOP-5 countries

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13 January 2023

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The Best country to marry abroad

Today, more and more couples are turning away from traditional weddings and opting to get married abroad in a more intimate setting, whether it's due to the complexity and length of legal marriage in their own countries or a desire for a romantic ceremony in nature, such as in the mountains, by the sea, or at a lake.

It may seem that getting married abroad is difficult and expensive, leading many couples to forgo officially registering their relationship in this way. However, in many countries, it is quite easy to register a marriage and combine the pleasant with the useful by incorporating the marriage registration into a wedding trip.


Registering a marriage abroad can be a great option if:

  • You are citizens of different countries and registering a marriage in your own countries is too complex and time-consuming, requiring many documents;
  • You cannot travel to your country of citizenship;
  • You need to register the marriage urgently;
  • You have been denied marriage in your countries;
  • You do not want to gather a million certificates;
  • You belong to different faiths and cannot register a marriage in the country of residence as a result. For example, this restriction exists in Israel;

The reasons for getting married can be completely different:

  • You simply want to live in an official marriage;
  • One of the future spouses needs to obtain a so-called "bride/groom visa," which simplifies entry into the country of joint residence;
  • You plan to buy real estate together and have children;
  • Love and other reasons.

Let's delve into the main intricacies that you need to know if you cannot or find it too difficult to register a marriage in your countries and are considering the option of getting married abroad.

There are a number of common requirements for getting married in all countries. Typically, these include:

  • reaching the legal marriage age established by the state;
  • prohibition of marriage between close relatives, adoptive parents and children, guardians and wards;
  • prohibition of marriage with individuals who are partially or fully legally incapacitated;
  • explicit desire of the groom and bride;
  • legal residence in the country;
  • not being married, previous relationships ended.

Each country may also have its own nuances. For example, in France, you must spend at least 10 days in the country before the marriage date and undergo pre-registration (obtain permission for marriage), in Greece you will have to stay for one day in Athens, and in Mauritius, you will need to go to the capital city of Port Louis to sign the wedding documents a day before the ceremony. Therefore, we recommend clarifying the marriage registration conditions, the list of required documents, and any additional requirements in advance.


TOP 5 Countries Where Getting Married as a Foreigner Is Easiest:

  1. Cuba
  2. Denmark
  3. Czech Republic
  4. Turkey
  5. Georgia


Cuba is a tropical blend of colorful beaches, lively music, delicious rum, an air of freedom, and love. It offers unforgettable experiences for a lifetime. Marriage registration in Cuba is conducted in Spanish, but you can hire a specialist to translate the ceremony into Russian. Often, relationships are registered at a hotel or on the beach. Among the significant benefits of getting married on the "island of freedom" is the visa-free regime. The downside is the budget. The price of airline tickets starts at 120,000 rubles for two. Also, when organizing a wedding, it is important to consider the time for acclimatization due to the time difference.


Registering a marriage in Denmark is easiest for EU citizens, but it is also possible for foreigners. The entire process takes no less than a week. The following documents are required for marriage in Denmark:

  1. Passport or EU identity card (all pages of the passport, including the cover, must be scanned)
  2. Document confirming marital status:
    All persons residing in Germany or the EU must provide a residence certificate with a marital status indication. In Germany, this is the "Aufenthaltsbescheinigung mit Familienstandanzeige" which can be obtained from the registration office.
    All other citizens who are tourists in Germany or the EU must obtain a marital status certificate in their country. This document must be legalized with an apostille. The marital status document can also be issued at the embassy.
  3. If applicable, a divorce certificate; A divorce decision outside the EU must be legalized with an apostille.
  4. Certificates of birth of common children


The Czech Republic is a country with a special charm of the Middle Ages. The gothic architecture and picturesque narrow streets of Prague make for a memorable wedding backdrop. The main advantage of getting married in the Czech Republic is the variety of wedding venues. The country has a huge number of ancient mansions, exquisite hotels, and, of course, castles. The best time to visit the Czech Republic is in spring (from early April to mid-May) or in autumn (from late September to mid-November). The downside is the need for a Schengen visa and the not-so-short list of required documents.

So, in order for a marriage to be registered in the Czech Republic, for example, for citizens of the Russian Federation, the following documents must be provided (from each of the newlyweds):

  1. Questionnaire of the newlyweds
  2. Copy of the first page of the valid international passport
  3. Copy of the valid general civil passport (first page, registration, page on marital status);
  4. Birth certificate with an apostille;
  5. Power of attorney for document processing in the Czech Republic;
  6. In the case of a remarriage, it is also necessary to provide a copy of the divorce certificate or the death certificate (if the groom/bride is a widower/widow) with an apostille.


Turkey - thanks to its mild climate, beautiful nature, and the special atmosphere that combines the East and the West, it rightfully becomes not only one of the most popular tourist destinations but also a popular destination for marriage registration. Relationships are formalized in Turkey's Civil Registry Offices. In addition to the standard set of documents, for registration, it is necessary to provide a medical certificate of health after undergoing tests (blood from a vein). Examinations can only be conducted at medical institutions approved by the relevant Civil Registry Office. Typically, each Civil Registry Office has its own document requirements, so it is important to specify the exact list of documents on a case-by-case basis. Significant advantages include the country's affordability and visa-free entry. The downside is, once again, the not-so-short list of documents and the need to wait in line.

The procedure for getting married in Turkey:

  • Preparing documents in your home country. You need to apostille two essential documents without which marriage in Turkey is impossible: a birth certificate and a certificate of single status. It is better to bring a certificate from your country, obtained from authorized institutions, such as the Civil Registry Office, as obtaining it in Turkey can take a long time;
  • You need to take 6 photos 3x4;
  • You need to undergo tests and receive a health report (sağlık raporu) at a state clinic;
  • Next, you need to submit an application to the local marriage registration service (evlendirme memurluğu) and choose a date.


Georgia - a warm climate, sea, unique cuisine, delicious wine, breathtaking landscapes of mountains and sea, no need for a visa for citizens of most countries, lack of bureaucracy, and low prices for almost everything make it one of the most ideal countries for tourism and marriage registration. Few people know that Georgia is one of the few countries where you can register a marriage instantly with a minimum of documents. State services here are provided much simpler and faster than in other countries.


The easiest place to get married is in Tbilisi, Batumi, or Kutaisi, as this is where all the necessary translations and apostille/legalization stamps can be obtained immediately. In the city of Signagi, which is 120 km from Tbilisi, there is a "quick wedding" practice - just like in Las Vegas, you can formalize your relationship immediately upon application.

An undeniable advantage of registering a marriage in Georgia:

  • no need to prepare in advance;
  • only passports are required;
  • only 1-2 working days are required for all procedures;
  • you can choose any date;
  • no need to apply in advance and wait;
  • the marriage is recognized worldwide, with simplified procedures for CIS countries;
  • hardly anyone needs a visa to enter Georgia;
  • partially Russian-speaking population.



A marriage registered abroad must be legalized in your countries, and your states must enter the data into their systems. The documents must be prepared in the form requested in the country where the marriage is to be recognized. Globally, there are three ways to prepare a marriage certificate for your countries:

  1. Apostille stamp (EU, USA, Israel, and others);
  2. Legalization stamp for the UAE, Thailand, Qatar, and others. Canada will accept an apostille starting in January 2024;
  3. Simple notarized translation of the marriage certificate for countries that have signed a joint agreement. For example, for CIS countries, the Minsk Convention on Legal Assistance. Belarus inexplicably still requires an apostille.

If a state has signed the Hague Convention of 1961 (which abolished consular legalization), an apostille stamp is placed on the marriage certificate in the country where the marriage was registered, and the document is provided to the state where the marriage needs to be recognized in this form. The list of countries that have accepted or plan to accept the Apostille can be found here https://www.hcch.net/en/instruments/conventions/status-table/?cid=41

Countries that have not signed the Hague Convention accept a legalization stamp - the first stamp must be affixed in the country where the marriage was registered, and the second in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the recognizing country. Sometimes countries also require an embassy stamp additionally from the country where the marriage was conducted.



Analyzing marriage registration in many countries, we can confidently say that the easiest procedure for getting married for foreigners is in Georgia. The advantages of getting married in Georgia include:

  • Only foreign passports are required;
  • It's enough to stay in the country for just 1 day, preferably 2 working days;
  • You can choose any date;
  • No need to submit an application in advance and wait;
  • The marriage is recognized worldwide, and in CIS countries, through a simplified procedure;
  • Hardly anyone needs a visa to enter Georgia;
  • Partial English-speaking population.
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Why did you decide to get married in Georgia? What other countries did you consider?

Answers from our couples who contacted us and chose Georgia for marriage.

We considered European countries, but there is a very long waiting time and a very long list of documents here. 06.02.2023 21:28
We searched for information on the internet – found out that you need the least amount of documents for marriage in Georgia, and that you can get married, so to speak, on the same day. Chat rooms about Georgia (especially about Tbilisi) on Telegram helped us decide on the agency. 08.02.2023 00:19
No visas for the groom and bride, speed, beauty of the country. 10.02.2023 13:09
Russia, but it is dangerous for men to stay there; Cyprus, but the procedure there is extremely bureaucratic; 10.02.2023 20:36
We had long planned to visit Georgia, a very beautiful and hospitable country (according to friends’ stories), we love Georgian cuisine and wine (usually we look for Georgian pomegranate wine in all countries))). At the moment, the decisive factor was the opportunity to come without the need to obtain visas, for both a US citizen and a Russian citizen, the opportunity to start all processes remotely in preparing documents, which can be legalized both in the US and in Russia. 11.02.2023 13:39
We were looking for the nearest country where the marriage registration procedure is the easiest. 12.02.2023 14:18
Beautiful country, relatively quick to get married 12.02.2023 21:17
Fastest in Georgia 13.02.2023 14:28
We considered Montenegro, Serbia, Bosnia, Turkey. Georgia requested the least amount of documents, so we chose this country. I searched for information on the internet 13.02.2023 18:32
We found a more accessible and simple way to legalize our relationship, searched on Google 14.02.2023 19:47
Accidentally found out that it can be done quickly in Georgia) 15.02.2023 08:21
Simple and fast document processing. We considered Turkey, but there the law requires changing the surname to the husband’s surname 15.02.2023 13:41
We also looked at Turkey. We liked Georgia more and my friend lives here 15.02.2023 16:30
Online and friends, colleagues. We considered the Czech Republic, Denmark 15.02.2023 17:13
Nowhere 15.02.2023 18:27
We looked for a convenient option on the internet, so that it would be easier logistically for us to come from different countries, the number of documents, and in the end, the marriage concluded in this country could be recognized by Israel 20.02.2023 16:41
We urgently needed to get married to solve the problem with the residence permit in Turkey. We had long planned to do it anyway – and here is an additional reason. We did not consider other countries – we tried to choose the fastest, most convenient in terms of time and cheap way. Georgia was recommended by an acquaintance 21.02.2023 12:50
On the recommendation of friends 22.02.2023 19:48
We considered our home countries, Ukraine is immediately out, for my Russian passport there is a criminal record there, and my husband would be imprisoned upon return to his homeland. In Russia, a nice woman at the city registry office asked for a certificate that the future husband was not married, we explained that the husband cannot return for the certificate, for obvious reasons, to which the girl laughed and said: Well, since he went to the Czech Republic, let him go and come back again if he wants to marry you. 23.02.2023 12:45
We saw an advertisement on the internet. We considered Istanbul, but it is very expensive and time-consuming there. I found the information on Google. 23.02.2023 21:01
We live in Turkey, there is a long queue at the Russian consulate here, we searched for information on the internet 25.02.2023 15:28
On the advice of acquaintances. Quickly and without paperwork 25.02.2023 22:18
Wanted to get married in Thailand, but the waiting time there is too long, so we decided to choose Georgia. We searched for information on Google. 26.02.2023 11:57
We both had long considered Georgia as a country to travel to. Since in the Czech Republic at the moment, due to bureaucratic problems, it is impossible for Russian citizens to get married, we decided to combine the useful with the pleasant 🙂 28.02.2023 01:32
It’s easier and faster in Georgia. We considered Hong Kong, but Georgia is closer to our hearts and is related to our relationship. 01.03.2023 13:31
Fast opportunity to get married. 01.03.2023 17:12
Lithuania, Russia 03.03.2023 00:24
We like the country 03.03.2023 08:24
We are both interested in this country, the procedure is quite easy 03.03.2023 17:54
We had long wanted to visit Georgia, and since we had long planned to get married, and it just didn’t work out, we decided to do it abroad, and in Georgia it’s easy with the documents, so we didn’t think for long 06.03.2023 10:51
Only Georgia 08.03.2023 15:01
Wanted to visit this country 09.03.2023 10:34
Wanted to see the country 09.03.2023 10:52
Marriage is recognized in many countries, it is possible to get married to foreign citizens not in the embassy 09.03.2023 20:55
We travel a lot, but we were only in Georgia in transit. The ease of document collection played a significant role in choosing the country. 10.03.2023 20:09
“International lawyers say that Georgia is the ideal place to get married.” 11.03.2023 22:12
Easiest with documents. We also considered Armenia, but there is more bureaucracy there 12.03.2023 08:11
I am in love with this country and its people! 13.03.2023 13:12
Document hassle 14.03.2023 20:46
No language problems 14.03.2023 21:07
Montenegro was an option. Easy procedure, beautiful country. 15.03.2023 18:16
We also considered Turkey, but the process would take longer there and personal presence is required 16.03.2023 18:42
Denmark 17.03.2023 21:10
Fastest, the certificate is globally valid 19.03.2023 13:40
I decided to take advantage of Masha))) I exchange her maiden name for all my love 19.03.2023 16:08
Because the groom works in Georgia, we did not consider other countries. 20.03.2023 14:08
We considered EU countries: Poland, Denmark, Czech Republic, Slovakia. We were looking for options with the minimum package of documents, as there are difficulties in obtaining certificates from Belarus. It turned out that Georgia is the most ideal option for us 20.03.2023 23:09
Attracted by the simplicity of collecting documents and the speed of registration waiting. 21.03.2023 14:07
Poland. Easier in Georgia 23.03.2023 23:04
We really wanted this important day to go smoothly and without paperwork. We are both foreigners and decided to spend this day together and our friends recommended Georgia. After studying everything, we had to like everything. 25.03.2023 23:17
Easy and fast marriage in Georgia. Visa free travel to Georgia for citizens of Thailand. 26.03.2023 14:17
Minimal hassle with documents. 28.03.2023 05:36
We also considered getting married in Denmark or Turkey. In Denmark, it takes longer than in Georgia and is much more expensive. For Turkey, I need to wait 4 months for a certificate from Belarus 30.03.2023 16:22
We considered the Russian consulate in Turkey, as we live in Turkey, but it is impossible to get to the consulate 30.03.2023 19:11
No need for documents about previous marriages. We also considered Cyprus and Armenia 01.04.2023 18:03
This beautiful sunny country, where we found each other