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Russian notary translation


To recognize a marriage concluded in Georgia, the Russian Federation will require a translation of the marriage certificate into Russian. Citizens of the Russian Federation can get married in Georgia in 1 day.


A notarized translation of a marriage certificate into Russian from Georgian is suitable for recognizing a marriage within Russia and Kazakhstan. The embassies of these countries abroad may ask for an apostille; we can prepare it for you at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia in 1-2 working days.

How to recognize a marriage concluded in Georgia in Russia?
According to clause 1 of Article 158 of the Family Code of the Russian Federation, marriages between citizens of the Russian Federation, concluded outside the territory of the Russian Federation in compliance with the legislation of the state in whose territory they were concluded, are recognized as valid in the Russian Federation, if there are no circumstances provided for in Article 14 of this code that prevent the conclusion marriage.

In accordance with paragraph 1 of Article 13 of the Federal Law of November 15, 1997 No. 143-FZ “On Civil Status Acts” and the Convention on Legal Assistance and Legal Relations in Civil, Family and Criminal Cases, signed by the member states of the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS ) and Georgia on January 22, 1993 in Minsk, a marriage document issued by the competent authorities in Georgia is recognized in the Russian Federation without any identification.

To use a marriage certificate on the territory of the Russian Federation, this document must be translated into Russian, and the accuracy of the translation must be notarized.

Re-registration of this marriage on the territory of Russia is not required. A Georgian marriage certificate must be submitted to the MFC. Also, if you are abroad, you can send it to your territorial registry office by mail.

Response from the Russian Federation Interests Section in Georgia:

“Citizens of Russia must independently notify the civil registry office at the place of their registration in Russia in free form, attaching a notarized copy of the marriage certificate translated into Russian.”

There is a law that obliges citizens of the Russian Federation to notify government agencies of the Russian Federation about registering a marriage abroad, but we were unable to find the provided liability in case of failure to notify.