Apostille Stamp


An apostille stamp on a marriage certificate is required for countries that have accepted the Hague Convention. European countries, the USA, Israel and others.

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Apostille on a Georgian marriage certificate: In order for your certificate from Georgia to acquire international status, you must put an Apostille stamp on it. This is a “square” sticker that is attached to the back of the document. Apostilles are accepted by countries that have signed the Hague Apostille Convention, and the list is constantly growing. If the country in which you plan to display your marriage certificate has not accepted the Hague Apostille Convention, then you will need to put a Legalization stamp on your marriage certificate. It looks almost the same as an apostille. We can easily supply these stamps for you in Georgia in the shortest possible time.

There are also countries between which Georgia has concluded agreements and only a notarized translation of the marriage certificate into the language of your country will be required. These are countries such as:

Belarus (for some reason it always requires an apostille)
Russian Federation
The Republic of Tajikistan
The Republic of Uzbekistan
Ukraine (leaving the treaty soon)
Write to us and we will tell you what stamps you will need.