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Marriage without ceremony


Wanna quick legal marriage abroad? Give us 24 hours and we’ll register your marriage legally. Option without ceremony is your choice. International marriage certificate – Apostille/Legalizations stamps/Translations.


Marriage registration in Georgia can take place with or without a ceremony. Registration of marriage without a ceremony takes place in the General Hall of the House of Justice, where government services are provided for citizens of Georgia and foreign citizens.

Like any legal registration in Georgia, marriage without a ceremony takes place in two stages:

1. Submitting an application for marriage registration

2. Marriage registration

Submission of an application takes place in the general queue for all government services provided by the Georgian House of Justice. Our organizer accompanies you at all stages of marriage registration, so you don’t even have to read what is written below. The organizer takes a ticket and you wait in a large open space for your turn to submit an application. When submitting an application, a form is filled out in your words and you sign it, the entry stamp into Georgia is checked. Surprisingly, women are asked if they have an education 🙂

After submitting your application, you receive a notification that your documents have been prepared and you are invited to register your marriage. Usually on the same day in 3-4 hours, but you can sign within a month from this time. If you are in a hurry and want to sign on the same day, then while waiting you can walk around the historical center of Tbilisi, Batumi or Kutaisi, since the houses of justice are located in the center.

Marriage registration without a ceremony takes place right there in the common hall of the House of Justice at the operator’s desk in an electronic queue. The cameraman does not give a ceremonial speech and there is no moment of exchanging rings. Marriage registration in this case looks like signing documents, a legal moment. After painting, you will immediately be given a marriage certificate in Georgian.

After signature, our Organizer takes the certificate from you and affixes apostille or legalization stamps, makes translations if you ordered them. Applies stamps at Tbilisi embassies, if required.

To recognize a marriage in most countries of the world, an Apostille (a stamp on the back of the document) and a translation into English from the state, also with an apostille stamp, are required. Apostille is suitable for countries that have accepted the Hague Convention.

For countries that have not accepted the Hague Convention, a legalization stamp will be required. The timing and cost of these stamps are the same.

Also for the CIS countries there is a simplified procedure for recognizing a marriage concluded in Georgia. It is enough just to make a notarized translation into the language of your state. However, we recommend getting international stamps in case you need to present the document to your country’s embassy abroad or to other authorities outside your country in the future. Because we can receive a duplicate of your marriage certificate only with a power of attorney from you, or you must personally come to Georgia again. After receiving the duplicate, we can apply international apostille or legalization stamps without your participation.

Sending documents and receiving them remotely takes time and money, so it’s better to immediately put apostle or legalization stamps, or better yet, two at once.

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